MLMDA will present latest results at NIPS’15 in Montréal from 7 to 12 December:

Regular session:

  • Anytime Influence Bounds and the Explosive Behavior of Continuous-Time Diffusion Networks.
    Kevin Scaman, Rémi Lemonnier, Nicolas Vayatis.
  • Cornering Stationary and Restless Mixing Bandits with Remix-UCB.
    Julien Audiffren, Liva Ralaivola.


  • Workshop on “Networks in the Social and Information Sciences”
    Learning to Suppress SIS Epidemics in Networks.
    Argyris Kalogeratos, Kevin Scaman, and Nicolas Vayatis.
  • Workshop on “Bayesian Optimization: Scalability and Flexibility”,
    Optimization for Gaussian Processes via Chaining.
    Emile Contal, Cédric Malherbe, and Nicolas Vayatis.
  • Workshop on “Nonparametric Methods for Large Scale Representation Learning”
    Distributed Convolutional Sparse Coding via Message Passing Interface.
    Thomas Moreau, Laurent Oudre, and Nicolas Vayatis.

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