COVID-19 epidemic

Since the epidemic outbreak in China our research group has directed most of its energy and efforts toward analyzing this critical situation for the societies.


Current work directions

  • We are studying the epidemic phenomena at different levels: the population level, but also at the small contact network level. More results will be announced soon.
  • Regarding the tools we are employing: there is first the more straightforward direction of using epidemic modeling, however we use also (epidemic) model-agnostic methods that are more data- and ML-oriented.
  • ONADAP is a research project that tries to produce practical solutions for hospital monitoring and decision making during a period such as the recent pandemic.

New studies and scientific papers

Prior work related to epidemics and control


Disclaimer: We plan to keep this collection of indicative references up to date, however it will in any case remain incomplete due to the large volume of scientific results appearing every day.

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