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Videos and messages to the French-German Summer School with Industry 2020

Machine Learning – AI Engineering- AI for Good

Wednesday 24 June 2020 – 100% online!

French and German authorities

soon available

Scientific videos from academic researchers
  • Mounir Atiq, Genetic algorithm for budget learning on random forests using genome reduction techniques.
  • Alejandro de la Concha,  Offline detection of change-points in the mean for stationary graph signals.
  • Antoine de Mathelin,  Transfer Learning for Design Space Exploration. Application to industrial product design.
  • Nestor Demeure,  AI augmented linear solvers: using machine learning to predict the convergence profile of a linear solver.
  • Mathilde Fekom,  Sequential control of network processes.
  • Sothea Has, A clusterwise supervised learning procedure based on aggregation of distances. Applications on air compressor and turbine data.
  • Pierre Humbert, Low rank activations for tensor-based convolutional sparse coding.
  • Argyris Kalogeratos, Winning the competition: enhancing counter-contagion in behavioral epidemic processes.
  • Batiste Le Bars, Change-point detection in a time-varying Ising model.
  • Anthea Mérida, Model pre-selection method using Neural Decision Trees.
  • Ludovic Minvielle, Step detection with convolutional models.
  • Théo Saillant, Weighting method for online estimators applied to HPC job power consumption estimation from submission data.
  • Charles Truong, Recent advances in change point detection.

Industrial players

Atos, Bertin (tbc), Banque de France (tbc), SNCF


MLMDA will present latest results at NIPS’15 in Montréal from 7 to 12 December:

Regular session:

  • Anytime Influence Bounds and the Explosive Behavior of Continuous-Time Diffusion Networks.
    Kevin Scaman, Rémi Lemonnier, Nicolas Vayatis.
  • Cornering Stationary and Restless Mixing Bandits with Remix-UCB.
    Julien Audiffren, Liva Ralaivola.


  • Workshop on “Networks in the Social and Information Sciences”
    Learning to Suppress SIS Epidemics in Networks.
    Argyris Kalogeratos, Kevin Scaman, and Nicolas Vayatis.
  • Workshop on “Bayesian Optimization: Scalability and Flexibility”,
    Optimization for Gaussian Processes via Chaining.
    Emile Contal, Cédric Malherbe, and Nicolas Vayatis.
  • Workshop on “Nonparametric Methods for Large Scale Representation Learning”
    Distributed Convolutional Sparse Coding via Message Passing Interface.
    Thomas Moreau, Laurent Oudre, and Nicolas Vayatis.